After a year and a half of learning to live more remotely, the year 2022 will mark a new beginning. Thus, FrogTape®, a leading manufacturer of painter’s tape, teamed up with famous interior designer Taniya Nayak to create interior design trends that would encourage customers to embrace a more balanced way of life in the New Year.

He believes that in 2022 we will be ready to open our arms, doors, and homes again, while still cherishing the wonderful intimacy we re-discovered after slowing down from our busy on-the-go life.

Nayak is optimistic. It’s all about blending functionality with aesthetics in 2022, according to Nayak, the emphasis is on creating environments that are both functional and make us feel good. It’s about being open to others while also appreciating our own uniqueness, according to this year’s trends.

Creating a home that reflects a person’s personality while still being hospitable to guests is possible in a number of ways. In 2022, the top five interior design trends will influence how we design and enhance our living spaces, from a friend’s soothing presence to carefree fun’s revitalizing vitality.

1. Embrace

Nayak argues that the current trend is all about celebrating the positive aspects of one’s life. “It’s like getting a hug and knowing everything is going to be well.”

Use textures and a color palette of soft coral, faint orange, light green and creamy white and brown to create the feeling of lounging on an expansive sofa with a soft blanket and plenty of pillows while spending time with a loved one in a bedroom or family room. Paint a textured basket that matches the decor and fill it with plenty of fluffy blankets is an easy and beautiful way to incorporate this into a room.

2. Rise

Accept the bright morning light as a gift and use it to jumpstart your day with thankfulness. ‘Rise’ gives you a new perspective on your existing space by incorporating motivating and energizing touches into your house.

Incorporating colors like yellow daisies, blue skies, green grasslands, and new white snow, suggest Nayak and the FrogTape team. Your guests will feel more at home in your home if you paint your front door a cheerful shade of yellow.

Even if the project is tiny, Nayak always uses FrogTape® painter’s tape as his go-to tool. PaintBlock® Technology, a proprietary process, creates crisp, clean lines for a professional finish.

3. Gathering

Set the tone and ambiance for your long-awaited get-together by creating the exact atmosphere you envisioned. Use rich navy, dark teal, or forest green to paint kitchen cabinets and living room fireplaces that serve as focal points.

Don’t stop there; create unique centerpieces by painting or twine-wrapping them. It’s also possible to design your own game boards to use while entertaining visitors.

4. Revive

“Revive” creates a sweet equilibrium of motivated yet fulfilled by balancing relaxing and bright energy with pink, orange and blue tones. Add anything out of context or out of character and see how it feels, says Nayak.

Changing the color of an old nightstand is as simple as painting the nightstand itself. If you’re out with pals or on your own, this style embodies carefree celebration and good times. You should do whatever makes you happy, so do it! 

5. Shine

Let your inner self show through with the “shine” notion. It’s all about being true to yourself and showing the world what’s on the inside of your heart. Embrace all the hues of the rainbow to build a Cinderella staircase or make your own wallpaper by taping off a custom pattern that is unique to you to implement this trend in your home.