Hi welcome back again, this video you will some modern wall exterior that you can use as ideas and inspiration. No homeowner would argue that the look of a home is the face of its owners. The impression of not only the position of the owners in civilization, their smack wishes, but even the form and pattern of life-time instantly depends on how the facade of the building is determined, in what hue palette and in what stylistic direction it is decorated.

The use of modern stylistics to embellish the exterior of the building, on the one entrust, provides the owners of the house with a somewhat wide range of options for choice construct and finishing substances, but on the other hand, it imposes certain restrictions on decorating the facade. Let’s try together to understand the features of the modern style of modern wall exterior emblem for private houses of urban and suburban type.

Style features Modern form is a kind of mingle of borrowings from various stylistic currents, the expression of which preceded the present era of private consist scheme. Minimalism, hi-tech, modern and even industrialism are mixed in the modern vogue. It is not for nothing that modern mode is called comfortable minimalism. Among “the worlds largest” astonishing criteria of wording, there was still several characteristic features of the performance of the wall exterior of the building:

  • Simple determines and clear cables

  • The geometry of modern houses has been heightened to the absolute;

  • The largest possible gaps( as far as the financial capabilities of the owners and the size of the territory plans stand );

  • Panoramic windows

  • The maximum possible number of surfaces is made of glass so that the interior design of buildings is filled with sunlight and appears to the owners as a more comfortable consist than it actually is;

  • Minimal decor

  • Simply practical ingredients, exclusively functional architectural parts;

  • The use of environmentally friendly building and finishing fabrics

  • Natural raw materials or their effective imitation, safe for humans and the environment;

  • Combining various types of materials to create an interesting finish with the most basic structural answers. If you territory the baked knowledge about the concept of creating a modern vogue of design for the exterior of a building, you may get the impression of excess laconicism and even bearing design.
  • But the modern mode can be diverse

  • the use of interesting layout mixtures, unexpected colour compoundings, combinatorics of materials of different structure

All this allows, even within the framework of strict constitutes and minimum decoration, to create original architectural mixtures and put them with an individual approach. We hope that the selection of modern wall exterior design projects for private houses located in different parts of the world will convince you of the versatility of the modern vogue of exterior designing of builds.

Finishing of a modern private residence The modern market of finishing substances pleases home owners with a variety. A homeowner with any pocketbook sizing, a schedule of technological requirements for the material and taste predilections will be able to find a suitable option for the facade coating. But, before proceeding to planning the design of the wall exterior, “youre supposed to” decide whether you want to harmoniously fit into the external image of the street on which your room is located or act as a territory accent, surprising all passers-by.

The same applies to private apartments situated outside the city – for some it is important to organically blend into the regional terrain, while for others, the priority will be the visibility of the building from great distances, due to its excellent width and colorful layout. There are many ways to design a wall exterior in a modern form, but the following options can be distinguished from the most popular today: -insulated facades; -finishing of the build with bricks and clinker; -stone facade( most often artificial cloth ); -use of figurehead boards. It has become clear that each of the methods of creating the medallion, and hence the appearing of the building, has its own technological and aesthetic features.

Finishing alternatives differ in appearance, characteristics and cost. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Insulated facades At the moment, there are two main ways to create a facade cladding and an outer isolation blanket:

1. soaked facade, created using various types of plaster;

2. exterior with ventilated method. White and gray build facade Ventilated facades today represent one of the most popular trends in the construction and motif of private dwellings. The advantages of such systems are the ability to use in approximately any climatic conditions, a sufficiently high level of protection against various natural forces and the soundnes of the cladding.

With an unbelievably wide range of topics of apparel committees and committees that can be used to create the outer bed of a veneer facade, homeowners can carry out any blueprint campaign, even the most creative one, to create a unique exterior for their residence. The prime technological and aesthetic advantages of ventilated facades are associated with the design features of this type of systems.

An air space remains between the outer face of the walls of the house and the facing fabric, which can be achieved by creating a metal formulated for the process of establishing finishing panels. Air circulation makes residence through this air gap. By itself, the technology of creating an air space between the wall and the finish once contributes to an increase in the thermal isolation characteristics of materials.

But besides this, most often the outer surface of the walls is insulated with mineral woolen, which for Russian climatic conditions in most cases turns out to be a more than apologized decision. Another advantage of the creation of such facades is the possibility of restoring aged, dilapidated buildings.

You can create a modern home with original finishes from an age-old dwelling that you acquired. Among the currently most popular fabrics for external cladding of freshened facades among Russian buyers are the following:

  • Porcelain stoneware slabs;

  • Vinyl and metal sidin;

  • Stone and ceramic tiles;

  • Fiber cement panels;

  • Aluminum panels..

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