For major home renovations or new house building, you’ll want to think about integrating some creative design features to give the space a unique feel. However, which of these interior design concepts will be the most successful?

Whether you’re searching for home design ideas, think about whether you want to alter your lifestyle and how you interact with your house, or if you want to do both at the same time.

Incorporating a mezzanine or an all-in-one floor pack with underfloor heating are just a few of the creative home design ideas that may help you keep the juice flowing.

1. Mirrors are a fantastic design element for small-space living

Mirror In The Bedroom
Mirror In The Bedroom (Terry Cralle)

It’s always nice to have suggestions on how to make a small place seem larger when working in it. The lovely wood house of Samantha was unquestionably on show with useful suggestions. Even though this area is barely 100 square meters, the clever use of mirrors gives the illusion that it is much larger.

Samantha’s house has an open floor layout on the first level, with exposed beams. On one side of the gable, there is a window with a view, and on the other side, there is a mirror above the kitchen cabinet, giving it the appearance that there is another home beyond it. Rather than only reflecting the surroundings, the mirror also reflects the environment. This is a great strategy!

2. Make use of a statement watermark while designing your house

Watermark house
Watermark house  (Archello)

Seven open mild steel panels are used to adorn the steps from the top to the bottom in these energy-efficient houses to preserve material consistency and to promote the neighboring Swartland and its local craftspeople. I went with an industrial theme for my décor. The entry hall has a stunning Pergola.

The beautifully designed and painted upholstery give fantastic features to the interior and outside, changing the entryway and steps far from usual.

3. Design your patio to match your house’s architecture


The patio design may connect various rooms to the garden and offer adequate light to illuminate the space. This house design idea is especially useful for one-story homes since it eliminates the requirement for large floor layouts that frequently result in a dearth of natural light.

4. Wall finishing with a structured pattern

wall finishing
wall finishing (Nippon Paint)

“We are extremely interested in the distinctively completed walls and surfaces, rather than being covered with’real’materials: plaster, skimming and paint,” says architect Paul Testa.

The most popular type of plywood is birch. It’s dense and long-lasting, and it adds natural texture and warmth to the interior. It’s been used for years as a low-cost wall finish, but it’s expensive to acquire, install, and finish properly. Another benefit is that it has a reduced carbon footprint than traditional dry wall.

5. Make a large, functional pantry

pantry room simple-and functional design
pantry room simple-and functional design (Homedit)

The pantry, a design concept that’s becoming in popularity, has a lot more space. Homeowners choose for utilities that are larger than closets, which frees up the kitchen to serve as a gathering place.

6. Decide on a floor bundle that includes everything you need

Leveldek (RIBA Journal)

While flooring systems (UFH) and leveling are commonly ordered separately from solid flooring, Junkers flooring businesses have launched Leveldek, a package that is fully integrated with solid flooring systems. For underfloor heating and leveling, there is no need to buy items from separate vendors. What a wonderful concept!

7. Include exercise and well-being in the design of your house

outdoor pooling
outdoor pooling (Eco Outdoor)

The outdoor pool is a component of a broader house design concept to make it a place where we can keep well and healthy, relax and enjoy. Another illustration is the rising popularity of personal training studios in residences.

8. Make the distinction between the inner and exterior surfaces less distinct

Opening house to yard
Opening house to yard (Dreamstime)

The concept of “opening the house to the yard” is not new in home design, but now the focus is on the thoughtful use of materials both within and outside the home.

Create “outdoor rooms” in order to make the distinction between interior and outdoor environments less obvious.

9. The resurgence of solar panels in home design

Solar Panel - Treehugger
Solar Panel (Treehugger)

Photovoltaic panels have played an important role recently, but the end of supply rates and healthy (like) incentives offered by homeowners and homeowners in April 2019 are this. The sun shone brightly as we worked to develop new renewable energy producing technologies.

10. Bedroom with a view of the outside

Bedroom with a view of the outside
Bedroom with a view of the outside (Pinterest)

Both homebuilders and entrepreneurs have recently taken use of outside space from the bedroom. Whether it’s on the ground level with sweeping views or “upside down,” the bedroom connects to a terrace, giving the sleeping place an outdoor atmosphere. Design features like these are always welcome improvements