Bangkok, 2016. A man is going to the bathroom. He is getting ready to relax when all of a sudden, something creepings out of the toilet hose and bites him. The humankind hinders his ingenuities about him and calls the rescue service. The intruder is soon attracted out of the bathroom, and it turns out to be a 10 -foot python!

Yes, a python in the potty! And this case is not the only one. Rescuers draw out dozens of serpents from lavatories around the world every year. Kinda meets you want to hold it now, doesn’t it? But wait, here’s the same story –from the other side.

Somewhere in the forests of Thailand, a python has been sweating from intense heat for three days. A big pond nearby has dried up, and it’s too dangerous to go to the lake- too long a distance, and it can come across towns and villages along the way. The best solution is to wait until the drought discontinues and torrent starts. But it’s not only about the heat: good python is very hungry. This can’t wait.

So the snake goes on a hunt. There’s no lunch on the way. Birds fly away immediately, insuring the predator, monkeys climb to the treetops. Even so, the python detects something. The smell of its favorite food.

Rats. Yeah, today the python will have its dinner. Driven by the smell of food, it doesn’t even was noted that the jungle has ended, and human dwellings are all around. But it’s okay, it just needs to be careful and beings won’t notice.

The python moves along the alleys and trash cans for a while and the smell precedes it to the sewer hatch.

A little spooky, but the hunger is stronger. The serpent goes inside. It’s pretty cold now, and there’s spray! A slew of it! It’s smelly, though, and certainly not drinkable.

The python confidently crawls to the smell of prey. Now it hears the familiar creak of little rodents. It would catch them by surprise, but…

the rats notice the predator in time and scamper. The python is an experienced hunter, so it immediately notices the largest rat and swiftly slinks after it. The rodent runs into a small pipe. It seems the rat has no chance of recovery in such a constrict tubing. Regrettably for python, though, it hides.

But it left the smell! The python crawls into the pipe, constructs various turns and recognises rat reeks are everywhere.

It’s time to come back. But now it has serious problems. It strolls in various regions of the sewers for a long time.

These are long and directly pipings with little water. Sometimes arcked S-shaped channels see, but the python sneaks through them without difficulty. Some tubes are absolutely filled with water, but it doesn’t have any problems with that- the animal swimmings underwater for various paws quite easily. Smelly waste accidents upon the python from time to time. The close-fisted seat and darkness make it nervous.

Hunger is getting stronger. Panicking once, the snake moves faster. There’s less and less aura, but unexpectedly it feels a swoon river of fresh oxygen.

It crawls that method. And what’s that?

There’s light at the end of the tunnel! Great! Finally, the python gets out . … but this is not the place it came from. It crawls to the source of air and light-headed, out a long S-shaped pipe and.

.. realizes a human! And it’s not his best area if you know what I imply. Now he’s really scared.

Self-preservation instinct prompts, and the python chews the threat. In general, as you understand, pythons get into sewers because they follow the rats. But now let’s say you live in the concrete jungle on the twentieth floor. Unfortunately, there is still a risk, albeit very small, that a snake shapes its space into your bathroom. And no, they don’t live in urban sewers like crocodiles.

I’m kidding. There are no such immense reptiles in the sewers at all.

So, your neighbour from five floors down is a fan of exotic swine. He’s bought a domestic snake recently. One daylight, he bided late at work and didn’t feed the snake in time.

The hungry animal is trying to get out of the enclosure. It so happens that the neighbor hasn’t closed the lid properly this morning. The serpent takes advantage of this and quickly creeps out of the cage. Now it moves through the kitchen in search of food and spray. The smell of moisture from the bathroom or subside entices the snake.

It crawlings into the bathroom and dives into the toilet bowl.

Then, just like the python from earlier, it passes through tubes and finally notes the depart- in another apartment’s bathroom. Such a action occurred in Russia, in the city of Perm. A girl noticed a python in her bathroom bowl. Rescuers drew it out and made it to the herpetarium( the place where they impede snakes ).

It’s interesting that the owner of the python turned up almost at once. He lived in the same building as the woman. He said that the python knocked out the terrarium’s roof glass and escaped. By the course, snakes can escape not only from home terrariums but from zoos too. There were cases when snakes fell from tree branches directly onto a house’s ceiling or got into an suite through breath vents.

There was a marten that recruited an accommodation this mode. It was so scared that it crushed the whole kitchen before the rescuers arrived. They caught the animal, made it to the forest, and let it go.

Also, there was a case when a marten descended into an accommodation from the toilet hose! Rats also fall into the sewer pipes.

They rarely descend high up, and mostly get off on the ground floor. Pythons get lost in the sewers while hunting rats, and they appear in your dwelling by sheer probability. But rats do it on purpose: they know there is a lot of good food in your accommodation. Sometimes they even manage to get into the kitchen. Rat and mice are well-known maze runners, so traveling through the sewers is a piece of cake for them.

And rats may also come with company. They appear out of the lavatory or subside. In some countries, such as Australia, funnel-web spiders can recruit the sewers. They don’t know how to swim but can stay in the ocean for 30 hours. Frogs can easily end up in your lavatory too.

Of course, they’re not really scared as rats, snakes, or spiders, but anyway, these croaking critters aren’t welcome guests in the toilet.

Another animal that could be used to theoretically be brought to an end in the sewers is an octopus. As you are well aware, these are very smart creatures, and they have tried to escape from zoo’s aquariums or lives many times. Octopuses can think up a real escape plan and slip out of the aquarium when you supplant the filter for example. Unlike other “toilet” inhabitants, octopuses don’t have skeleton, so they can squeeze into any gap.

Fortunately, there aren’t known cases where an octopus ended up in someone’s toilet. I’ll say it again: there’s almost zero probability that an uninvited patron will appear in your shower. But if this happens, here’s what to do: First, try to flush the animal. Obviously, though, if it’s a python, then it won’t help. By the method, that man from Thailand, who was bitten by a python, grabbed the animal and tied it to the doorknob so that it wouldn’t float away.

If you don’t have a snake-grappling training, then immediately close the bathroom door and call the rescuers. If this is some small creature, like a rat or frog, then wash it off. Thanks to the overweight on their hair, though, rats hover in the sea readily. In all such cases, you need to close the toilet lid so that the animal doesn’t get into the accommodation. Call savers or pest control.

Also, there was still ultrasonic maneuvers that render a low-frequency sound. People don’t hear it, but it’s take rodents go nuts. If it’s on, they will stay away from your accommodation. And if you live close to the nature, particularly in hot countries , not far from the forest, I is impossible to caution you to be vigilant every time you go to the bathroom. Okay it’s over.

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