Your living room rug may greatly affect the overall look of the area. In addition to accenting your preferred colors, these helpful design pieces may also act as a point of visual contrast, help to divide functional spaces, and add a sense of warmth to any living space. Our favorites from around the web are all available for purchase right now on the internet. Every function and every budget can be fulfilled with this collection, which includes anything from designer standout pieces to family-friendly utilitarian selections. Changing the look of your living room has never been easier.

Grey Family Room

Living Room Rug
Grey Living Room Rug (

Investing in a high-traffic area rug is a good idea for rooms with lots of people. Stain-resistant recycled fibers are spun into soft threads, giving this rug a wool-like texture. The striated grey texture of this design keeps things basic while yet maintaining a crisp, contemporary appearance even with daily use.

Silver Viscose Living Room Area Rug

living room carpet
Silver Viscose Living Room Area Rug (

The silky smoothness and luxurious high-end appearance of shimmering viscose are perfect in rooms with less traffic, such as bedrooms or living rooms. This stunning hand-tufted rug has a raised design that reflects light like silver, adding a touch of opulence to any modern living space. Use to draw attention to a seating area, whether informal or formal, where guests may relax and enjoy the luxurious comfort it provides.

Grey and White Living Room Rug

Living room rugs
Grey and White Living Room Rug (

Bamboo silk is hand-loomed into a low ridged pile on this elegant area rug for a sleek and streamlined appearance. The use of white and grey create a fresh, airy look that will boost the spirits in any room. Use to define a seated area against a dark floor or to enhance light and airy ambiance.

Nanimarquina Tres Living Room Rug

Living room rugs
Ninamarquina Tres Living Room Rug (

Nani Marquina, the creator of nanimarquina, created a beautiful design for their first product, Tres. This dhurrie-type flat weave adds instant depth to any area with its three connected components in the always on-trend flat weave design. Take your pick from a broad range of nature-inspired color schemes and standard sizes.

Muuto Pebble Living Room Rug

Living Room Rugs
Muuto Pebble Living Room Rug (

Margrethe Odgaard’s Pebble rug has a stippled woven pattern that evokes smooth stones. The combination of the softness of New Zealand wool and the natural feel of jute creates an amazing tactile experience. Since it has such a little outside border, this design works particularly well as a focal point in a living room or to set off a modest sitting arrangement inside it.