Follow our easy-to-follow instructions, and you’ll be able to do cleaning kitchen in under an hour! Intrigued? Continue reading to learn how.

Cleaning takes a long time and a lot of effort in most cases. This, however, does not have to be the case! Follow our advice to learn how to clean your kitchen in under one hour. This means you can make better use of your time while still maintaining a clean kitchen, which is excellent for those of us who lead hectic lifestyles.

We must also keep in mind that bacteria can readily accumulate in the kitchen, and because it is a place where we make food, it is very vital to keep it clean.

Each of our suggestions has been carefully considered and is intended to make cleaning your kitchen a breeze. Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started!

Let’s get your kitchen spotless in under an hour!

The first thing you should do before starting is gather the cleaning supplies you’ll need. These should be the ones you’re already familiar with, have always used, and know will do an excellent job.

Follow our procedures, read our advice, and factor in the time it will take you to complete each task after you have everything ready.

Your extractor hood and oven

To make the challenge more exciting and ensure you accomplish your objective, set an alarm for ten minutes to clean your oven and extractor fan. Both of these machines have one thing in common: they gather a lot of grease. As a result, your initial step will be to apply a degreaser and wait three to four minutes for it to work.

In a bowl, combine warm water and lemon juice while it works. Then, to soften any food debris, microwave it for three minutes. After that, wipe down the inside of your microwave with a damp cloth and, if required, remove the glass plate and any other components. To remove any grease, wash them separately in warm soapy water.

Before moving on to the following step, dry your microwave and rinse the degreaser out of your oven and extractor.

Clean the cabinets in your kitchen and the tiles on the walls

It will just take 15 minutes to clean the outside doors of your kitchen cabinets as well as your wall tiles. Everything should be cleaned from top to bottom in order to avoid having to clean it twice. Simply wipe each surface with a moist cloth dipped in ammonia, then buff with a dry towel to avoid leaving water streaks.

Cleaning glass is much easier. For a glittering result, simply wipe the surface with a moist cloth and a few drops of alcohol or vinegar. These products are straightforward and low-cost.

Countertop and hob

To clean your ceramic hob and countertop, set aside ten minutes. Begin by scrubbing your hob with your regular cleaning product and allowing it to work. In the meantime, wipe off the counter with a moist towel soaked in a neutral detergent.

After that, wipe the hob with a moist cloth to remove the cleaning agent you used previously. Remove any oil with a sponge if required, but be cautious not to injure the porcelain. Finish by thoroughly drying all surfaces in this section. Did you manage to beat the clock’s time?

Lower level with trash can

Cleaning the lower part of your kitchen, as well as the garbage can, will take around ten minutes. Yes, the latter is in desperate need of cleaning!

To disinfect the waste can, fill it with water and bleach. While you wait for the combination to take effect, wipe the baseboards and refrigerator with a moist towel soaked in ammonia. After that, scrub the garbage can with clean water and allow it to dry before reusing it.

Floor and sink

The remaining 15 minutes will be spent washing the sink and the floor. To avoid scratching your sink and faucet, clean them using a non-abrasive sponge. Vacuum and sweep the floor. Finally, scrub the floor with two caps of ammonia and water. You can now unwind!

Cleaning tips for your kitchen on a daily basis

To make cleaning your kitchen easier and preserve your efforts, use these ideas every day.

  • Every time you cook, clean your extractor hood. So that less grease accumulates and the process is easier, use a cloth and a few drops of ammonia.
  • Always keep a supply of cleaning cloths, ammonia, and two water bottles on hand.
  • After each use, wash the cloth.
  • Protect your kitchen tiles from grease with a splashback.

Avoid these blunders:

  • Allow the cleaning product to contact the surface for no longer than the manufacturer specifies. You risk stains and surface damage if you don’t.
  • Excessive use of cleaning solutions will not result in better cleaning. In fact, it will produce more foam and cause you to be late for work.

Have you ever cleaned your kitchen in under one hour?

Perform all of the tasks we’ve mentioned in the same sequence as we’ve listed them for maximum productivity. If you clean the floor first, for example, you’ll have to step over it, and it may need to be cleaned again.

It’s critical to achieve your goal, and as you’ve seen, it’s possible to accomplish so with a small amount of effort. Don’t put it off any longer; each step is simple and practical. There are no more excuses! Start cleaning your kitchen right away and you’ll be amazed at the results.