It takes time and effort to keep your toilet and bath area clean. While it’s not something we all look forward to, it’s a necessary evil that we can’t avoid. However, by following a process and focusing on one area at a time, you can ensure that you are cleaning efficiently.

Follow these ten steps to effectively and efficiently clean your bathroom:

Step 1: Clean up the bathroom.

Remove ALL items from the bathroom for a more thorough clean. It is preferable to remove everything at once rather than piecemeal. Place all small items in a storage box outside the bathroom and wash all used linen (including rugs).

Step 2 – Sweep and dust

Remove dust from all surfaces with a duster. To reach corners, light fixtures, and vents, use one with a long handle. After dusting every surface, sweep (or vacuum) the bathroom floor to remove dust, debris, and hair.

Step 3: Use a cleaner.

Clean the surfaces in your bathroom. If you clean on a regular basis, you can use an all-purpose cleaner, but if you need to remove buildup from your tiles, an acid-based cleaner is recommended. Allow it to soak.

4th Step – Wipe

Wipe down other surfaces such as the shower track, shelves, towel racks, baseboards, windows, blinds, and doors with your cloth or sponge. Work in sections from the top of the room, going left to right, to be more efficient.

Step 5 – Prepare the floor for cleaning.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and combine the recommended amount with a bucket of warm water.

Step 6 – Remove the dirt with a scrub brush.

Scrub away any buildup or loose dirt from the surfaces. At this point, the cleaner has done the majority of the work for you, making your job easier. Before rinsing, make sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces.

Step 7: Complete the shower area

Replace everything you took out of the shower and/or bath tub area, wiping them down with a clean cloth as you go. If you have a shower door, spray it with glass cleaner and wipe it down before closing it.

Step 8 – Focus on the vanity area

Spray all-purpose cleaner on your countertop, faucet, and sink, then wipe clean. When wiping down your sink or soap dish, use a rough sponge to loosen any buildup. For your mirror, use a glass cleaner.

Step 9: Clean the toilet.

If you regularly scrub the inside of your toilet, use the all-purpose cleaner. If there is any buildup, use a toilet cleaner and scrub with a toilet brush to remove it. Using an all-purpose cleaner, spray the outside and wipe it clean with a cloth.

Step 10: Mop the floor.

Dip your mop into the cleaning solution, squeeze out the excess, and begin cleaning the bathroom floor. Allow to air dry. Once dry, replace the trashcan with freshly laundered mats or rugs.

Follow these ten simple steps to thoroughly clean your bathroom.

Anthony Hanson is a Chicago-based home and lifestyle blogger. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on the latest trends in home decor, fashion, and modern life in general. He recently co-founded The Velvet Nook, a lifestyle brand.