Custom homemade bars can be expensive. However, even if you can’t lock it, you can still create your dream private party. With a limited budget, you can turn old furniture such as cupboards, chests, and consoles into a home bar.

Try: This elegant bar made from antique cupboards by designer Lauren Lozano Ziol of design company SKIN. Tap Ziol for advice on how to repeat the look.

“Finding something cool to remember is always a lot of fun, but it’s also challenging, you can think out of the box and be very creative,” she says. Here is your step-by-step guide to making your own homemade furniture bar.

1. Go to your favorite local antique store or browse places such as eBay and Chairish online to find furniture that can be revived. Consoles, chests, buffets and cabinets can be turned into cool bars. Lozano Ziol recently picked up a client’s family closet and turned it into a bar by removing the drawers and turning them into drawer shelves to mix drinks.

2. How to use the space and plan where everything fits. Decide where to store your bars and drinks. How do everyone mix and serve? How do you style everything in it? “You may need to open the back to make room for the server to store glassware and drinks,” the designer explains.

3. If you open the front door and modify your closet, you can use the shelves or add more shelves to store your home bar essentials.

4. Reassemble the part. You can ask a carpenter for help or buy ready-made materials such as shelves, brackets and hardware for your own repairs. It depends on how much DIY you need for the part and whether you are motivated to do it all yourself.

5. Paint the outside of the work with a fun color. Change or redraw the hardware. You can also use wallpaper to decorate the back of the shelves. So be creative!