Every year the editorial crew kind of takes the opportunity to look back on the previous year identify what was favourite and then kind of look at what will be favourite in the course of the year. So we look at past articles, we gazed through several hundreds of photos, we examine Houzz research and we talked to dozens of pros on Houzz to kind of formulate what we think will be big in residence design in the coming year.

Let’s pull it down to what we think are maybe sort of the 10 hottest veers for 2021. And if the tribes want to dive in deeper they got the full commodity and all the good stuff there. So why don’t we start in the kitchen?

That’s a favorite blot, what’s happening in the kitchen? – Yeah, so one of present trends we looked at is, you are well aware traditionally designers talk about the project triangle, right? It’s kind of the natural footpath between the refrigerator, the sag, the prepare sphere you kind of move back and forth between these various zones. But you are well aware, today homeowners, you are well aware, expect so much out of their kitchens that we’re encounter several zones added into this, this work path.

We kind of call it a production trapezoid or something because you think about the shape of it.

You know, you’ve got a coffee station you’ve got a baking depot, you’ve got a prep station in addition to the cooking station. So, you know, we discover homeowners who like to cook with their development partners in the members of this house, or, you are well aware have minors come in and grab a boozing and not be in the paw road of the person cooking.

So the kitchen is kind of actually expanded into these multiple zones. And we’ve been seeing that in this photo now that you have here is a really good example. You have this cooking center in the far back wall there so that it’s kind of out of the regular route and it’s kind of a destination that you can go to to get some succeed done and you know stay out of the behavior of the other people in the kitchen.

-[ Rick] People passion those acquiring hubs. -[ Mitchell] Yeah, it’s huge and we witnessed a lot of broiling in this previous year, you are well aware, parties expend more epoch at home and want to get their baking stuff in order.

So, you are well aware, a lot of people learn how to bake you know, sourdough starters, all this kind of stuff. So, you are well aware, we think that’s gonna carry over into 2021 sure as shooting. – Get your baking on, you have a baking center there.

What are you working on? – Not a midst it’s a cabinet perhaps cabinet and drawer, but you know I’ve got two adolescents and they’ve really enjoyed cooking in these previous months and they’ve gotten really good at it.

So you know who doesn’t like to bake? – Absolutely. Okay, so what about some mode in the kitchen what’s happening with some of the materials and what’s going on their backsplashes and countertops?

What do we see in there? – Yeah, so the biggest thing we ascertained in backsplashes I would say is something announced Zellige tile, hope I’m stressing that title.

And it’s kind of this Moroccan handmade tile and it’s kind of different than the Moroccan style tiles we’ve seen in the past that are, you are well aware, very brightly pattern and intricate and find them on the storeys and sometimes I’m backsplashes but these are just simple small-scale square tiles with kind of a handmade look and a glossy finish on them.

Subway tile backsplashes still remain super favourite but for somebody who wants something various kinds of same but enough of a deviation, these tiles are just really taking off exactly a beautiful tile and very simple and we’re certainly gonna receive a lot more of it in the coming year. Also in the kitchen touchless faucets are certainly starting to take off.

Hand-washing was front and center of everybody’s minds in this previous year. We looked a good deal of faucet creators come out with words that boasted enunciate activated faucets, touchless faucets. There’s one faucet that we show here that kinda has this button on the end, so you can kinda bump it with a forearm or bump it with an elbow.

So if your hands are dirty, you’re not various kinds of, you know worrying about touching and spreading bacteria throughout the kitchen. And then this one from Kohler is completely hands-free it’s voice activated.

And they even propelled a new piece where you can connect it to a Google home or an Amazon Alexa device. And it will talk to you through the CDC guidelines of hand-washing so that you can kind of make sure that you’re following the right paces. -[ Rick] It counting you down 20, 19, 18, almost finished…

If you don’t follow the steps, I don’t know if they let you go or what but hopefully they let you off the hook. – Sorry, I cannot wash your hands Mitchell, right?( tittering) That is when revokes you access or something, right? – Looks like you still have something under that pinky fingernail right? – Right.

Yeah, that’s really good for concluding meatballs more. When I do meatballs, it’s always an issue I’ve got to like various kinds of do the elbow to turn the…

Yeah, handling chicken or meat or something or.

[ Rick] Whatever, yeah. – You don’t wanna be touching stuff, so I’m particularly conscious of that. So something like this feature would really start living a little easier.

-[ Rick] All right, let’s go into another room in their own homes with a good deal of hard surfaces, the shower. What do we considered to be in the shower? – Well, what we mentioned earlier that same Zellige tile is noted everywhere we’ve seen some colours of that same tile in the shower, but one of the biggest things and it’s really nothing brand-new, but a curbless shower.

Some parties call them barrier free showers where the central storey various kinds of only continues into the shower. You do have to keep in mind how the tile is gonna drain.

You’ve got one continuous storey. So you’ve got to keep in mind how are you gonna transition the material? Or if you’re gonna keep the tile the same how are you guys gonna do the shower pen? So there’s kind of some technical things to it but definitely a feature that is catching on.

-[ Rick] And it’s great for age in place too, when they do sort of a wider birth to get in and out, you can, you know I been a lot of people are thinking, maybe not now but down the road.

So when they’re building sort of their dream home they’re kind of mulling in advance and curbless makes a lot, a lot of feel there too. – Yeah, even a low-spirited barrier, that’s just a couple inches it’s kinda be difficult to navigate, you still got to make that step into it. You can’t really get a wheelchair into it filched a walker into it. So obviously the curbless is something that anybody who plans to age in place or is interested in universal design will definitely wanna consider.

– What about some of the bigger information, “the worlds biggest” hand-pickeds in the cavity -[ Mitchell] We’ve seen a lot of slab materials, quartz countertops, some of these companies have, you know, their fabrics is thin is six millimeters so that you can use those large-scale slabs of quartz to wrinkle, shower walls with and it precisely establishes this continuous seamless look in the shower that, you know you don’t have any grout arguments visually it’s kind of expansive and time organizes a really, really neat feature.

-[ Rick] All right, let’s step outside for a second and tell me a little bit about what’s happening there. – Homeowners are looking outdoors to create more living space as they invest more season at home and they want to get outdoors, but you know maybe they can’t go to public rooms or, you know parks or restaurants or material like that. And they’re creating more the chances for the backyard. And if you want to have a lounge area a dining space in the backyard, you need shade.

The pergola is a great idea to add shade in the backyard and you can work with a professional to design a custom-built one or you can go as simple around really build a basic design that is likely to not take very long maybe you can get it up in a weekend or so.

No other direction certainly get put under the microscope this past year more than the open floor plan. If you have an open scheme your kitchen is your dining room and your living place and you’ve got a busy household with competing video confronts and institution hearings. Parties quickly understood that these open intentions can kinda get out of hand when a great deal of pleasures are happening in the same space. So we did see that some people were considering, you are well aware apportions or screens, you are well aware, like slip doors or merely a opening that you can close off and have some quiet occasion and the backyard shack or a sometimes called a she molted or a shed or an accessory dwelling unit really took off this year as well.

And you know, I think we’ll continue into 2021.

It’s a little bit easier to, you know, erect than a home edition where you’re ripping out a wall you’re building onto your residence. These formations, you can build them up into the backyard up some power, some plumbing to it. You can use them and it doesn’t have to be a lot of gap. You can use them for a main office, yoga studio a music practise space, or merely, you know a neighbourhood to go inside, close the door and have some placid relaxation time away from the craziness that might be happening in the, the open floor plan inside.

– 2020 was a year we’d all like to forget.

So in 2021 kind of embracing the cozy right and embracing health and in embracing delight. And one practice you can do that is making an ultra cozy bedroom. – Yeah, you know the bedrooms continues to be a place that we taken refuge in to be a calm, gentle home. We think of comfort, we think of padding, we think of softness, you know one path to do that is with a headboard. And we’ve just seen a great deal of these path tufted headboards show up this year.

It’s a way to bring in some kind of visual composition some dimension to the headboard, you’ve got the you know, horizontal texts of it that can kind of accentuate the rear wall or the height of the cavity. And it’s just an opportunity to bring in another fabric another emblazon to make it look a bit more cozy. – So cozier, healthier residences. One thing that comes up a lot is breathing natural sunrise anything happening there, any vogues there in 2021? -[ Mitchell] Yeah, ventilation for sure you know, aura tone was huge this year.

You know, it kinda ties back to this expectation that we need our homes to be nourishing. And, you know, a better quality of breeze was a big topic in 2020, you are well aware, on the on the Western coast, we had a lot of wildfires, you know this airborne virus that was out there, you are well aware only have actually people consider the issue the breath excellence inside their home. So a huge surge in interest in air purifiers these HEPA air filters and a big focus on ventilation and aura quality inside of homes. And I think that’s catching on and more parties would definitely be interested in that. And we’ll be discussing something like air quality and ventilation with their dwelling motif grows.

– Thanks, Mitchell, that’s a nice overview and if tribes require more, they can check out the full clause with all 36 tends. Parcels of immense trash there. Thanks for taking the time. And I can’t wait to see how this washes out. – Thanks Rick, here’s the 2021.

– Here’s the 2021 virtual suck. All freedom. -[ Mitchell] Cheers copulate. – Cheers..

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