It’s been a long year, so we have reason to celebrate when it comes to the interior design trends we’re most excited about for 2021 and beyond.

Our 2021 trend edit will provide you with a curated look that will bring your home into the New Year with sensational style, from the growing importance of sustainable materials to elegant elements and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness.

2021 Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends for 2021 will be influenced by people’s shifting perspectives on life in 2020 and their desire to escape.

1. Decorate with a maximalist approach

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These free-spirited Bloomsbury artists and their creative flair channel the free-spirited essence of those who love colorful decoration in this maximalist look. Try to balance the eclectic mix with different print scales and one or two grounding common tones to bring all the patterns together by mixing contrast patterns across a scheme. On top of painting their walls, the Bloomsbury artists decorated their entire apartment with hand-painted furniture. To create a playful layering effect, combine large-scale wall decor with small-scale decorative details on the same wall.

2. Add stripes and check to an outfit

interior design trends for 2021

This fun new trend combines the classic check and stripe with new-season colors, bringing together two of everyone’s favorite patterns.

Use a variety of patterns in varying scales to achieve the desired look. Stripes and checks on the wall and the bed are softened by the use of delicately patterned cushions and eiderdown comforters in this bedroom.

3. Invert yourself in sculptural furniture

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It’s all about shapely, organic displays that steal the show in plain, unassuming settings. Beautiful and functional go hand in hand when it comes to sculptural furnishings and lighting, as this living room’s does. If you’re a fan of ceramics, consider displaying your collection behind glass or on a simple window shelf. Furniture and vessels with curved or shaped surfaces catch the eye and entice you to move your gaze around the room.

4. Rise to the challange in your principal palette

interior design trends 2021

Using two primary colors against a muted palette gives interiors an artistic edge, and that’s why we love this trend. To add some color to this otherwise neutral space, use a large, colorful statement lamp. Furthermore, the use of such a striking color palette makes a piece stand out in a crowd.

Sprinkling bright primary colors over wood furniture and natural jute flooring breathes new life into large rooms.

5. Use a wall mural to take you to warmer climes

interior design trends 2021

Tropical wallcoverings full of vibrant patterns and dreamy painterly scenes are just what interiors crave this year for maximum escapism when it comes to adorning. woven pattern adds texture and depth to Elitis’ “La Passion De Diego” mural, which features oversized Mexican plant life and Frida Kahlo’s silhouette.

6. Sophisticated cottagecore in rustic vogue


This look appeals to a wide range of people who enjoy modern home comforts but also want to give their interiors a personal touch. A home with interesting features like exposed beams, original floorboards, or paneled walls will work best, but the look can be achieved with a thoughtful mix of new and old pieces that complement each other well.

To keep the look cohesive, use reclaimed wood. Instead of buying items with a perfect finish, look for unique pieces with plenty of grain and texture.