Minimalism is in vogue—you may have seen it on Pinterest or on your Instagram feed.

To achieve minimalism, you must eliminate clutter from your life and focus on simple living habits, such as curating your environment to have a few significant items rather than constantly amassing more things. This design philosophy promotes cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable living.

Minimalist silhouettes are devoid of clutter and flare. A minimalist living room may not have a houndstooth couch or stacks of books, but it may include a splash of color or a few subtle patterns in the shape of a rug or throw pillows.

Here are 29 minimalist living rooms to inspire you to live simply. Also, check out these minimalist couches and these minimalist bedroom ideas to complete the concept.

1. Neutrals

Vintage items like a cut-out coffee table and gray chairs fill this lovely San Francisco living room.

2. Blue Shades

A wood coffee table and floorboards liven up the blue and gray of this Los Angeles living room.

3. Personal Basics Only

With a black-and-white color scheme, the fake zebra area rug adds a playful touch.

4. Rustic Minimalism –

Minimalism is often associated with sterility, yet this aesthetic isn’t limited to stark white walls. There are several pleasant minimalist living rooms. Case in point: this Barcelona living room. Even a room that welcomes blank space with only a few key furnishings and elements may feel warm and inviting by mixing materials and adding natural touches.

5. A Color Accent

This New York City living room features blue accents and a cowhide rug.

6. Tiny and Simple

The basic decor of this Montreal living room keeps it from being cluttered. Fun pillows and green plants keep it far from dull.

7. Quiet Artsy

With a minimalist approach, a mobile hanging in this trendy Valencia home adds a subtle splash of color. Comforting warm-toned wood elements add warmth without sacrificing the space’s simplicity.

8. Modern Minimalist Living Room

Simple patterns and plants let this charming Brooklyn living space maintain its Cali cool vibe.

9. Using Dark Colors

This Culver City home shows how to employ dark hues while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The trick is to keep shapes simple and not overcrowd your space. A stunning soapstone coffee table dominates this room.

10. Living Room 10: Tidy Minimalist

However, this Virginia mansion shows that decorating every square inch isn’t necessary in larger settings. The curving light, cushion, table, and chairs give this plain area individuality.

11. Proportional Fun

The use of negative space in this Dutch living room shows how minimalism can be anything but boring. The small fireplace, cuckoo clock, small television, and framed posters provide visual interest and give the living area an art gallery feel.

12. Modern Living Room with Lots of Texture

This LA-based firm Amber Interiors’ design is everything but dull. The space’s textures, ranging from earthy leather and faux fur to nubby linen and live-edge wood, add intrigue to its simplicity.

13. Minimalism regal

Color expert Eileen Kathryn Boyd is known for her over-the-top color schemes, but in this minimalist room she opted for subtlety and shape. The sofa’s subtle curve and refined hue leave nothing else to desire.

14. Modern Minimalist Living Room

The smart use of circles by Jessica Helgerson keeps the eye moving as the complementary textures scream to be handled.

15. Patterned Minimalism

Brian Paquette’s home is a study in contrast. The soft sofa, softwood coffee table, and brushed brass accents complement the highly tactile brick wall, illustrating that a simple room can seem layered and dynamic.