30 Jun 2022

Decorating a home is something that is both fun and scary at the same time, especially when it comes to high costs. However, the matter of cost is another matter. But the idea of decorating the house both from the interior and the interior is important.

Many ideas are scattered about home design. Therefore, we, IdHomey Team, will collect these ideas into interesting and worthy content to be your inspiration.

There are four categories on this blog that you can read in your spare time. The first is Home Design which specifically discusses the types of houses, both current and trending.

Furthermore, the Interior category includes decorating the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other things in the house.

The Exterior category covers the exterior of the house including the garden, fence, and front window of the residence.

Lastly, House Keeping shares everything about cleanliness and home comfort, including tips on caring for the house so that it can become a very decent place for your family.

Happy reading!