Many of us experience homesickness when we move to a new location apart from our immediate relatives. There are several things you can do to help alleviate this sensation, one of which is to make the boarding room as homey as possible.

Furthermore, because you’ll be there for a long time, making the space as welcoming as possible will lift your spirits.

Makeshift furnishings often leave a new resident feeling isolated in a previously occupied boarding room. We advise you to furnish your boarding room so that you feel at ease and at home. To make the boarding room feel more like your home away from home, consider making some DIY décor that expresses your unique style.

Quoted from My Move on Saturday, September 25th, 2021, here are some decorating ideas to make your boarding room seem like home.

Placing one of your Polaroid photos on display

polaroid photos
polaroid photos

Whenever you’re alone in a dorm room and starting to feel homesick, put up images of your family and close friends.

In addition to bringing back pleasant memories, this will enliven your spirit. The boarding room will feel more like home if the walls are covered in images. Photos can also be used as wall decor on bare or boring walls.

Incorporate a plant or flowers


Adding green plants to a space helps it feel more alive and fresh. If the room has little natural light, opt for low-maintenance plants. You can also use it as a cactus plant, an air plant, or a little mother-in-tongue law’s plant on your desk or in your window.

Use soft blankets and sheets to keep yourself comfy as you sleep


Choose sheets and blankets made of soft and pleasant materials to help you relax and unwind after a full day of activities. Use the same sheets, blankets, and mattresses that you normally use at home if at all possible. Also, consider the size of the boarding room when making your selection so that the room does not feel cramped.

Incorporate the use of a mirror


Not only do mirrors come in handy for getting ready, but they also provide the appearance of more space in small spaces like a dorm room or a boarding house. If being confined to a cramped boarding room is driving you crazy, try this trick to open it up.

Use curtains to create a welcoming ambience


Is the boarding house on a busy street with a ground floor boarding house? Or does the room have a direct exposure to the sun, making it extremely hot in there? Window treatments such as drapes and blinds may be the best option.