Not only can you put a vase in there, but you can also put toilet paper rolls and a candle if you want to get creative. It may be changed into a place to store extra bathroom items, exhibit beautiful objects, and show off your particular style with the addition of cabinetry, shelving, and baskets. Continue reading to get inspired by some of our favorite over-the-toilet storage alternatives for your own space.

1. Utilize as much vertical space as possible


Vertical space in the bathroom extends beyond the region over the vanity and a few feet above the toilet. It also includes the area above the bathtub as well as the area above the shower. In contrast, vertical space stretches all the way to the ceiling. It’s an excellent opportunity to display art and boost your shelves higher than usual.

2. Classics should be kept simple

classic toilet

Solid wood floating shelves are a tried-and-true classic for a reason: they go with almost any décor style, look excellent, and are incredibly sturdy. You can use them as over-the-toilet storage when you want storage that complements rather than detracts from the existing design.

3. Minimalist touches should be used

Minimalist touches
Source: ARBOR & CO

Do you want storage that blends in rather than stands out? You don’t need to look any further than this. Consider using storage that is the same color as your walls. This storage solution must be smooth (no wicker or wood), but if done right, you will have a sleek, minimalist, and functional over-the-toilet storage solution that is both elegant and functional.

4. Instead, go with Glass

Toilet with glass

Because it takes up the least amount of visual space, a glass shelf is a good choice for over-the-toilet storage. They not only look excellent in practically any area, but they also produce interesting shadows and reflections on the walls and ceiling around them.

5. Brass is a good material to experiment with

toilet with brass

The truth is that brass is having a moment in our houses right now. However, the brassy look we’ve come to love doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen; it can also be employed in the bathroom. Combine a brass shelf over the toilet with brass-framed mirrors to create a sumptuous vintage look.

6. It’s all about keeping it simple

Simple toilet

A candle, some fresh greenery, and some spare linens are all that is required to be maintained above your toilet—in some situations, a candle, some fresh greenery, and some spare linens are all that is required. As a result, if space is restricted (or a minimalist look is desired), only one shelf above your toilet should be employed. Because there is only one, make sure it is complementary to the other finishes in your bathroom.

7. The path is long and narrow

narrow toilet
source: ARBOR & CO

It can look strange if the over-the-toilet storage is either too wide or too short. To make the most of your available space, use long and thin storage solutions, such as a set of tall and slender shelves. As a result, you’ll make greater use of the available space, and your storage will appear more proportionate.

8. Consider the color Classic Black

Classic black toilet

Black accents are a great finishing touch for almost any room in the house, but they work especially well in the bathroom. The narrow matte black storage space above the toilet nicely fits the black bathroom hardware and faucets, resulting in a unified design. Furthermore, the eye-catching aspect of this basic color adds tremendous linear visual appeal to a smaller space.

9. Retro should be embraced

Retro toilet

If you’re looking for over-the-toilet storage, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be labeled as such. It is preferable to reuse other pieces of shelving or storage, such as the vintage shelves seen above.

10. Shelves can be used to exhibit ornamental goods

shelves toilet

The storage space above the toilet does not have to be used only for functional purposes, such as storing toiletries; instead, you can use it to exhibit your design. Just bear in mind that in a small space, a little décor goes a long way, so keep things simple.