30 Jun 2022

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Fungction and aesthetics

Your Complete Modern Farmhouse Design Guide 

Love the contemporary farm look? You’re not alone, though; during the past few years, the look has become fairly fashionable. According to interior designer Ashlee Cravens, the reason why modern farmhouse has become so popular is because it is so approachable. The majority of homeowners…

free home design software
Home Design

9 Greatest Free Home Design Software 

Are you considering a home addition, a new kitchen or bathroom, or finally getting around to landscaping your yard? Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home and are planning a number of improvement projects? Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring professionals, there’s lots…

Decorating small living room

Decorating a Small Living Room 

You can see how to decorate a small living room in the following article, which is written by Laura Gaskill in Though all tiny spaces pose design issues, the living room is particularly challenging because it is where you will most likely spend the…